Franck Boclet joined forces with Solenne Gatty to design home fragrances for the home, in the DNA of the Rock & Riot line. From their collaboration, the collection called Stonegg was born. Something totally new and artistic.

Stonegg makes it possible to diffuse home fragrances, obtaining a stronger remanence than other products such as candles or other diffusers.

Handmade, in Tadelakt, a mixture of lime and sand, egg-shaped, each Stonegg is unique and diffuses essential oils through volcanic stones without denaturing them and thus allows the gentle evaporation of fragrant oils, while preserving their properties and aromas.

Stonegg is a true work of art that is perfectly suited for the home.

Decorative object, Stonegg is available in different colours, black, ivory and grey, in different sizes, sizes with different accessories, jewelry, embrase.

The Stonegg is presented in a pretty Rock & Riot box, including 3 stones, a mini candle and a box of 3 fragrances to choose from.